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 Our dearly, ever beloved Members and Guests of the Desert Reef,

Your loving condolences coming my way will always be remembered with a grateful heart.  

I will do my best to be the cheerful face to greet you in  the days and years ahead without that Cool Guy out there with me.  We know he will always be with us, at his favorite place to hang out, so pay attention to the many magical ways he might show up for us in nature.   He already came to visit my family and I, the Tluesday after he passed.  We were in the pool soaking and I looked up to the waterfall.  There sitting on the ledge was a white dove.  Mind you, I have NEVER seen a white dove, or ANY kind of doves out there in the desert in the 19 years I lived and worked with LJ down there. (minues the Hawaii years).   They were very special moments for us, connecting with the dove.   We waved and sent our love as he flew over the pool and towards the East.  

As I continue to adjust to a physical life without this amazing, always kind, always forgiving man, you will see me periodically working the front office to cover for our gals, or out in the gardens, or up on the labyrinth, or hauligng in supplies, and eventually, in the pool with you all, on occassion.  Please email me with any comments, questions or concerns you might have, just as always. 

When I know LJ's Obituary is posted on line, I will forward the website where you can go to read that.  

Meanwhile, I welcome you all to keep coming back to this amazing place that LJ has created for us all, and where I am destined and commited to take care of now, and continue our mission, with a heart full of aloha and mahalo for all he has given to me.  

So deeply grateful for all your support and loyalty over the years, presently, and into the future.

With love, Ro