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Dear Members and Guests,

We want to welcome Vince Kaminski to the Desert Reef Family as our new Day to Day Operations Manager.  He is taking over the duties of LJ and Ro. 

Vince has been a long time member and supporter of the Desert Reef, along with being a long standing friend of ours throughout these many years.  He knows the Desert Reef well having helped us on too- numerous -to- count projects, as well as working the front desk.  He has had LJ's back for many many years, and yours as well, without you being aware.   We look forward to a collaborative working relationship with him, and express our gratitude to him for taking on this interesting and always surprising and challenging job. 

We'll get a picture of him posted on FB, so you can easily recognize him when at the Reef.  He'll be in and out throughout the week.

You can always continue to contact LJ and Ro directly at our email address for any questions, concerns, etc.

We send you love this holiday season, Ro & LJ