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 Hello there again.  

Needless to say, I am looking for a very special person who lives in Florence or Penrose, and is looking for part time work at our Hot Spring.    I say Florence or Penrose, meaning LOCAL, as it will be necessary to get to work come rain, snow, or shine during the winter months, with reliable transportation, and no fear of driving in bad weather.  

I am looking for the right person who has a good work ethic, that is,  reliable, dependable, honest and trustworthy.   This person must be mature, gracious, kind and welcoming to people.  This person must also be:

Able and willing to do physical work required of running and maintaining an outdoor hot spring facility, whether in the summer months or the winter months.  

Able and willing to communicate our mission, policy, and the history of our place.

Able and willing to fairly,kindly, and effectively enforce our mission and existing policies.

Able and willing to do pool cleaning once a week and daily pool use upkeep during the shift.  

Able and willing to do simple handyman/woman tasks and simple housekeeping tasks during "slow periods" during the shift. 

Able and willing to do gardening chores in Spring, Summer and Fall, during "slow periods" during the shift.

Able and willing to meet, greet, and sign in members and guests appropriately, at the front desk.  

Able and willing to operate a simple cash registar, and crediit card transactions.  

Able and willing to give up email, non-emergent, personal calls and texting,  along with FB, Twitter, etc., while at work, so that our members and guests have your undivided attention.  (I know this will be a deal breaker for some, but a requirement of the job).  

The hours needed RIGHT now are:  Wednesday evening, 4 p.m - 10 p.m. and Monday morning pool cleaning, which normally takes approximately 2 hrs.   There will be opportunity for more hours in the near future if the situation works out for all of us.  You will have opportunity to work with the owner to be trained properly.  

Please respond, if still interested, by email: