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 LJ and I want to say a warm Mahalo (thank you), to all our members and guests who have been sending LJ and I cheerful, loving wishes.   I don't see tears come to my husband's eyes too often over the years, but I must say, last night there were tears in his eyes as he spoke his sincere appreciation for all the love, gratitude and caring coming his way.  You all mean so much to him, and he misses seeing you as regularly as he has in the past.   We will try to get down for a soak and visit with the Sunday crowd, next week.  He was on an outing today, so tomorrow he may not be up to it...but... he sure can surprise me.  We'll have to wait and see tomorrow.  

Thank you for your generosity of spirit and the love that comes with it.  With love back to you all,  LJ & Ro