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03/08/2017 16:45

Dear Members and Guests,

The Desert Reef will be closed on THURSDAY, March 9th, all day, in order to fix the pool drainage problem that occurred as a result of the high winds and excess dirt and debris that had to be washed out of the pool on Tuesday.   Many calcium particles, along with calcium chips coming off the pool surface, along with excess dirt caused by high winds gets clogged in the drainage system.  We cannot properly control the temperature of the pool water without proper drainage.

The temperature of the pool was 98 degrees today (Wednesday), and that is not an acceptable water temp for our customers, even though many of you did stay today, God Bless you all.  

We will do whatever we need to do to get that drain working properly, the pool filled and ready for your soaking enjoyment by Friday, the 10th.    Thank you for your understanding and patience.  Love and Light, Ro & LJ