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Greetings dear Members and Non Members,

TWO changes need to be noted.

1.  THURSDAY will NO LONGER be a suit rquired day.    It will revert back to CLOTHING OPTIONAL.  

2.  THURSDAY  will NO LONGER be a discount day for Non-Members.   Usual admission fee will revert back to

     $20 per adult.    Usual $15 discount for military, including Veterans, will continue with military/veteran  ID   

We have given clothing required and discount day a fair trial of way over  6 months, to allow the surrounding communities an opportunity to visit our facility and decide if this was the place for them or not.   We have now made the decision to revert back to our clothing optional policy for Thursday and remove the longstanding discount for Thursday. We will give this change a fair trial as well.  

Changes are effective July 1, 2017, but will not go into actual enforcement until July 5, 2017.  

Wishing youa safe and wonderful Summer.  Ro