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Working on backfilling the  manhole pit today  

I cemented the leak around the pool drain with Quickcrete 

and it will take 24 hrs to set and dry before I can fill the pool 

Sorry I have to close on Wednesday to refill pool 

We will be open on Thursday as usuall   

So sorry for inconvenience yet these improvements will help me 

with easier maintenance issues   And you know this man work

was right up LJs alley, not his delicate little wife's alley!!!

Anything  to prevent further problems down the road, I am all for   

See you all on Thurs through Sunday   Until the man work is done around here 

you'll be seeing me frequently which I love   I'm getting to know new faces and 

Our Reef"oldies" are always fun to see and Hang loose together  

Love and peace , Ro