A Clothing Optional Family Hot Spring Resort in Royal Gorge Country, Colorado
The view at Desert Reef Hot Spring

What is the temperature of the water?

Summer average is 94-96 degrees.
Below body temperature, without being cold.
Our water is refreshing, even on a hot summer day.

Winter average is 100-102 degrees.

Is it sunny usually?

Most of the time. Fremont County, Colorado is situated east of the Rockies in an area which is often referred to as the "banana belt" of Colorado due to its temperate climate. This area of the state averages over 320 days of sunshine each year.

Is there any shade?

Yes, in the summertime, we maintain a shade-cloth covered deck area which provides shelter from the sun. And at all times of year, there is a greenhouse lounge area with tables and chairs and additional seating for your use.

What do I need to bring?

Plastic water bottle, flip-flops or crocs, bathrobe (recommended in winter) and/or towel, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, bathing suit (optional), and food and drinks (no glass). A water cooler, refrigerator and microwave oven and are available in the greenhouse lounge for patrons use. There is also an outdoor BBQ grill available.

How do I get there?

Follow these directions.

Is the facility really clothing optional? Does anyone wear suits?

Most of our clients do not wear bathing suits, but about a quarter do and they are most welcome.  All day FRIDAY is designated a SUIT ONLY day and will NOT be "clothing optional".

Does it get crowded?

No. We limit the pool use to 60 patrons (members, guests and/or visitors) so it's never really crowded.

How large is the pool and the whole facility?

The pool measures 36' x 50' filled by a natural mineral water hot spring from an artesian well. It holds 40,400 gallons of water.

The Desert Reef Hot Springs is situated in a private setting on ten beautifully scenic and sunny acres.

Is this hot spring appropriate for children?

Yes, being a family-oriented facility, the hot spring is appropriate for people of all ages. You can be assured that loud, rude, lewd and offensive behavior is prohibited and is not tolerated. But the pool is not a play pool. It's a place for relaxation. No jumping, diving, splashing, acrobatics, loud voices, crying, whining, et cetera are allowed.

How often is the pool cleaned?

The entire pool is completely drained and cleaned each week on Monday, so it is kept extremely clean.  Water sample is submitted monthly to the Public Health Dept.

Do you add chlorine to your pools?

No, the water in our hot spring pool flows naturally from an artesian well located on our property.

What if I want to leave during the day?

Your daily soaking fee is good throughout our hours of operation. You many choose to leave and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, catch a meal or visit nearby attractions, etc., but please make sure you are signed in before you leave so that we can let you back in to continue using the hot spring pool. It's a special experience soaking beneath the rays of a full moon!

Do you have changing rooms?

Changing rooms are provided with toilets and showers. Showers are hot water only from the mineral spring. Space is provided for your belongings, but we do not provide lockers. Please lock any valuables in your car.

Do you allow camping?

No. Camping is not available at this time.

Do you take reservations?

Call for more information: 719.784.6134.

Can you email me more information?

We would prefer to speak to you directly, so please call the office at 719.784.6134 and we would be glad to answer any other questions not addressed here.   Our email box is not checked daily.


Desert Reef Hot Spring
1194 County Road 110
Florence, Colorado 81226