Dear Members and Guests,

This past year, several situations have come up that calls for clarification for Members and Staff alike.

"Membership" to Larry and I have always represented YOUR confidence, commitment and support in keeping our facility alive and well.   Our mission at the Reef is to provide a safe, relaxing and quiet environment...a little peace in our busy, noisy lives.   Our members love and value this and why they keep coming back.  

Clarity around "Family Membership" is needed.

Family Memberships are intended for one or two adults and their dependent children under the age of 18, or their dependent parents , who live in the same household.  

Family memberships were NEVER intended for additional adults who live in a household who are "extended family".  

Adults who live in the same household as a member need to get a separate membership, either a Single membership or as a separate Family membership if they have dependent children under the age of 18.  

Extended family members are always welcomed as "guests" of a Member if that member is also present.   Or the other option would be  for the extended family member to purchase a SPLASH pass which would also give them the same discount without having to have the "member" present.  

Since there has been apparent misunderstanding as to how our Family Memberships are intended to be used, the current arrangements that have been made with previous or current staff, will be honored until the expiration of your membership year.   All "members" will be expected to show their membership cards when asked, just as in any other membership driven facility.  

We regret any confusion or misunderstanding these past two years.   I am hoping this will clear up any previous information given to you.  This is and will remain the policy at the Desert Reef.  Any further questions can be directed to me at  

Thank you, my Desert Reef family, for your continued commitment and support.   Love you all, Ro

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