Hi folks,

Here's the latest.  There is no electrical issue.  Problem is that the office building was left for 3 days without heat while I was in Chicago with family for Christmas, and the pipes going into the building froze, as water could not circulate in and out.  The pump cannot work efficiently to push water through if the lines are clogged with ice.  The solution to this problem now is to wait until we have enough warm days in succession to thaw the pipes and deliver water to the buildings. The good news is that the pool is not affected by the pump, so I will order a port a potty to be delivered as soon as possible and we can open as usual, hopefully by next Wednesday, the 3rd.  Once I have that in place I will post to inform you all.  

I've gotte kind words from some of you on Facebook and email.  Thank you  That means so much to me;. Your encouragement and support give me great strength to keep moving forward.   Have a wonderful, safe New Years weekend.  Best and warmest regards.  Keep those prayers and letters coming!!!  Ro