Greetings folks,

I have happy news.  There is hot water flowing to the office/bathhouse once again!!  We got it flowing yesterday afternoon but I wanted to be sure we got through a night of below freezing temps with uninterrupted flow into the office, this morning, before posting.   So, there you go.  Water flowing in the bathrooms and Greenhouse again.  I'm sooo happy for you all, the staff and me too!!  We can really enjoy our newly renovated bathhouse now.  Come down and see us soon.

Blessings. Ro Conrad 

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Hi Folks. 

Desert Reef will be closed tonight, 6-10 pm, due to hazardardous road conditions on HWY 50 and 115 after dark.  I’m down here in Pueblo and plan to stay the night   Very disappointing   

I will drive in to the Reef tomorrow and will open at 10 o’clock as usual.   Stay warm and safe tonight. Ro